My Hair Horror Story

My Hair Horror Story

Have you ever gone to a saloon and it turned out to be an extremely horrible disaster? Here’s how I solved my hair problem with Dr. CYJ hair filler.

I am an actor by profession. While shooting for my upcoming serial, I went to a salon to get my hair done. I was dying my hair from jet black into blonde which turned out to be a worst hair dye I could possibly get. Finally I tried Dr CYJ hair filler.

Once day I went there to the saloon and I told the girl to convert my original hair color into blonde. She was new to this business. Also, she looked fine with the idea of my black hair dying into blonde color but hair-dyes are not that simple. She looked totally calm and relaxed that I also did not feel the mistake I was making. If you have naturally dark colored hair and you somehow want to change it to a very lighter tone. Then you are not going to get the desired results and that’s what exactly happened with me.

The moment she colored my hair, it turned orange on which I got shocked. But she told me to have patience as I am going to get the desired results as soon as it’ll dry. So she started blow drying my orange hair that I primarily wanted to be blonde. When she started drying my hair, I could literally see my hair falling out so fast, not three or four hair but in chunks. My heart started pounding about going bald and she also cut my hair to short and when I left the saloon my hair was orange and chopped from hips to shoulders.

After a week, I observed a major hair fall, and not only this but after 2 months or even more I realized my hair growth was completely stuck. I went crazy after that. My tears couldn’t stop and I did not know what to do with my hair. As an actor, I had an immense pressure on me regarding my looks and a very important part of me i.e. my hair was losing. Small portions on my head were seemed to be hairless and visibly no hair growth was appeared on them.

After six months of struggle and trying almost every possible remedy to get my hair growth back. I was not able to cope up with the damage that I previously had. So I decided to use hair filler for my skin, particularly Dr. CYJ Hair Filler. They are injections, made from natural and not animal derived collagen and hyaluronic acid which make your skin grow new hair follicles to get new hair by providing the lost amount of bioactive agent, strayed during chemical treatment.

I got the products from because of their authentication, maintained reputation all over the market and an expert who will make it painless for you. After two weeks of surgery, my hair started growing back to normal. This time I couldn’t see the bald portions on my scalp. Plus my hair got thicker in just one surgery. I was truly happy to get my hair back. Thanks to Dr. CYJ Hair Filler.

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