Vitamix E320 – The Perfect Blender for Home Cooks

Vitamix is known to manufacture high-quality professional-grade blenders that are capable of doing multiple necessary features which no ordinary blenders can perform. The Vitamix is the name of trust when it comes to the blenders and people love their products and purchase them without getting worried about anything and why don’t they trust the brand as they offer 7 years warranty with every blender of them. Moreover, the shipping charges for the warranty claim of both sides are free and you can purchase an additional warranty by simply paying a little amount.

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Vitamix E320

Although Vitamix has a vast range of professional-grade blenders today we are going to review one of the latest editions of the Vitamix blender which is E320. This is the latest addition to the Vitamix Explorian Blender series and is known for its high-quality blending and durability. The blender is equipped with all the latest features and functions and can perform extraordinary stuff and will surely help you in your kitchen.

The Vitamix E320 blender comes up with a low-profile temper, container, motor base, and a cookbook. The container of this blender is 64-oz and has a broad and sleek shape. You can easily store this blender in any kitchen cabinet and it will fit in there without any hurdle. The overall weight of this blender is less as compare to other blender and you can easily take it from one place to another. The container is big enough to make large batches of recipes for a big family or a small house party. You can also store these recipes to use later. The material used in the construction of the container is BPA plastic-free material which ensures that the user won’t get any chemicals in their blended recipes.

The blades in Vitamix E320 have 4-inches diameter stainless steel blades. These blades are made from hardened steel and are equipped with laser-cut and hammer mill technology. These blades are specially made to pulverize seeds and solid ingredients and are design to perform smooth and convenient blending every time you use it. These blades can easily crush frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, solid seeds, snow, and any other hard ingredient you through on them.

These razor-sharp blades need a powerful motor that can provide them enough force to run and for that Vitamix has installed a 2.2 horsepower motor in the motor base which generates enough force to break and crush the hard ingredients easily and smoothly. Also, there is a radial cooling fan in the motor base which ensures that the motor won’t overheat during the blending process.

Also, the blender is equipped with 10-variable speed controls which you can set during the blending process by simply rotating the dial on the motor base and can get your desired texture of every recipe. These speed controls are highly recommended for making purees, soups, and smoothies and will surely help you in making any of these. Also, it has a pulse feature by which you can blend your recipes manually by simply tapping the pulse button. By doing this you will get total control over the blending.

In our opinion, this blender is a perfect choice for any home cook and will surely ease your work in your kitchen and will save your time. Moreover, the cookbook that comes with the blender has a lot of recipes that you can try and make in this blender which is the icing on the cake.

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